Called Out and Molded By the Author of Truth! 

Raising Up Warriors For The Kingdom

This world is in a spiritual battle and we believe we have been given vital role of raising up Kingdom warriors who are passionate about becoming world-changers. 

The Lord says, I am raising up an end time Army who are strong and very courageous.  I am looking for men and women of valor.  They are those who are bold, and defiant in battle.  As you stand immovable and refuse to be intimidated, I will cause your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before you; and they will come out against you one way and will flee before you seven.  I am calling forth the warriors who will never retreat when the adversary comes against them because I have trained their hands for war and their fingers for battle.  To those who I place on the front lines are those who are able to stand against the warfare and to them I will reveal the secrets from the kingdom of darkness and expose their strategies.  My warriors will recognize that it is not flesh and blood that they are battling against but of powers, principalities, rulers of darkness and wickedness in high places. Their enemies see the tenacity inside of them, therefore they cower back in fear.  They do not become discouraged and will never compromise.  They are as fierce lions against the kingdom of darkness and they will stand immovable in the face of adversity.  They will watch out for one another and be careful to avoid friendly fire.  

Our Youth group meets every Wednesday at 7pm. They have a time of fun and games followed by relevant teaching of the Word. They also have lock-ins and outings as well. We'd love to meet you, and show you what God is doing for our Youth!

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Our Youth Group also has an amazing YouTube channel: Check it out here

Pastor Shawn Hatfield

Pastor Shawn is our Youth Minister. He has numerous years in leading youth, and believes in empowering them to grow to be leaders. For more information about Youth, feel free to reach out.